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How to make cheap Custom Embroidered Patches ?

Embroidery today is not only done by hand but by machines as well. These machines are more efficient in their production as compared to the work of hand and can produce consistent embroidery work in bulk. Working by hand requires expertise, neatness and stability of hand so that you don’t mess up the design but in machines all you need to do is feed the designs and the machines draws it for you and decorates it with different threads in the same way an embroiderer would do by his hand but it will take him much longer to do just that as compared to a machine. Nowadays machines are also used in making Custom embroidered Patches that are used for school badges, uniforms for a society, a community or an institute. In some cases, these patches consist of fancy designs that are used on dresses, cushions and quilts as well.


Customizing the embroidered patches and Hand embroidery Military patches

These patches are different from the patches available in market because they depend upon the design, color shades and backing that you requested them to make for you. Custom embroidered patches are usually used by security companies or the army because they have patches on their uniform that are removable or that have a secret kind of seal in the patch that usually comes in security backing where you can add any kind of information in the backing and when you iron it to the cloth this information gets attached to your shirt permanently. Similarly, Velcro backing for patches is used by Army or military members because these patches need to be on and off the uniform a lot.

Kinds of edges in which custom embroidered patches / Hand embroidery Military patches are available

There are two kinds of edges that are available for these embroidered patches. One is merrowed edge which is basically a very neat form of edging done with a thread with stain stiches in it to fill out all the outer edges of the design. While in Laser edge a laser beam seals the patch in such a way that the edges are clean and no thread is required to make it neat. Such kinds of patches are used on all kinds of materials from dresses to t-shits and quilts or cushion covers etc.

What are the advantages of custom Military patches ?

Military Embroidery Patches are a very convenient way to make your dress or fabric look appealing and attractive without going through the hard labor of making the patch yourself. These patches are mostly embroidered by machines because they require specific form of backing which handmade embroidered patches don’t have. No backing or button loop backing is mostly used for such handmade embroidered patches. Other different kinds of backings are only done by machine so it is difficult for a person to do them by hand.

Various kinds of backs for Custom Embroidery patches available in market

You would be amazed by the kinds of materials in which these patches are made so that they can stick to the material they were made for. Some of the major kinds of patches are iron on patches, plastic patches, pin patches, adhesive patch, no backing patch and magnetic patch. In iron on patches, the patch is pasted on the cloth by placing it on the fabric the way you want it and press it on the patch by a hot iron. The glue under the patch will melt and stick to the cloth attaching the patch to the cloth permanently. In Pin patches a pin is attached to the underside of the patch to help it stick to the cloth. These patches are removable. In No backing patches,the threads of embroidery in the back are open and these patches are not as stiff as the others are so they are mostly ordered to be sewn upon a cloth or fabric. In adhesive patches, the back has a particular kind of patch on it that you peel and let the patch stick to the desired fabric. In Magnetic backing of a patch, small magnets are attaches to the underside of the patch. This helps it stick to whatever material you are using for the embroidery to get attached to.

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