Privacy Policy

We would like to thank you for visiting our website. We are always concerned about your personal information and spend all our force in attempt to protect it. Here you will get to know about the way we collect your information and how it is used.

Data collected

If you are about to place an order, we will have to collect certain information. This is in order to process the order that you will be placing. The collected information may consist of name, gender, date of birth, email address, personal contact number, postal address etc. Furthermore, we may also collect your browsing data and your comments in order to improve our products and our website.

Other use of your information

The information may also be used for the purpose of research. IN this case, you will be taken as an anonymous person that browsed our website. No one will be able to identify you through this way.

Disclosing your information

The disclosure of information is depending on a number of things. We may have to disclose it in order to ensure that our policies are respected. We can also disclose it for the legal requirements. IN any case, it will be according to the laws and regulations that are applicable.

Third parties and links

The third parties and our linked companies may be given the information related to you. This is because they may be an important part in our order processing chain. They may be helpful in the processing of order.

Spam and spyware

We ensure that no spam mail is sent to you by our company. We do not tolerate any spam as well. So if in case you have any spam email, you can always contact us. Furthermore, no spyware tool is used in order to keep an eye at our visitors.

Account protection

Your password is a key that will be there to access your account. If you have shared it with anyone that used it for wrong purposes, it is not our responsibility. However, we will leave no stone unturned in protecting it from our side.