Facts about Custom Made Patches That you Must Know

Easy To Manufacture

One more interesting thing about these patches is that you can even make them in the home. It does not require very any hi-tech equipment. If you have average level skills in designing logos and patterns with the help of computers then you can even design patches for earning purposes. To establish a business of custom made patches you will require a designer, sewing machines, few skilled workers and little investment to get basic accessories like fabric and threads. You can sell your patches on different online stores like Ebay and Amazon. You don’t need to make thousands of patches every week because to make the patches on bulk quantity require automatic sewing machines and Hi-tech machines with PLC system and those machines will cost you a fortune. You can make a successful home industry if you work smartly.

Steps to Manufacture

The steps to manufacture these patches at the home level are very simple. First of all, you have to design the patch that you will send to the customer for approval. Make sure to design a simple patch with a minimum number of colors because more colors mean higher complexity. If you have highly skilled sewing and cutting staff then you can go for the complex design otherwise it is better to keep things simple. There are lots of other things besides color that can make the patch very desirable. If you look at the patches of professional organizations they don’t use lots of colors. Its mean you can earn lots of customers even with simple patch designs. Once the customer approved the design half of your work is done.

Mapping Of Design

The next step is the mapping of design on the selected fabric. You have to use the light box for this purpose. Take a print out of the design and put in on the light box. Place the fabric on the paper in such a way that the front side of the fabric faces the screen and the back side of the fabric faces you. Draw the design on the fabric and then cut it carefully. At this point, the skills of your workers will be tested. The cutting is very crucial because any wrong cut can destroy the whole fabric of the Custom Made Patches . After cutting the base fabric, sew the design on it with the help of sewing machines. Hand sewing can also bee used but it will take time and lot of effort of the worker. A small group of friends can establish this business without any worker. You have to decide which person has to do which job and it will not take more than two weeks to learn the basic art of designing, cutting and sewing if the person is really willing to learn.

Though the size of patches is very small but they can help you to establish a reasonably big business, if you have the courage to do so. There are lots of small things out there that can be manufactured at home. Here it is important to note that some patch designs are exclusive and it is illegal to manufacture them due to security reasons therefore before taking any order you must know all those designs otherwise you may have to face legal action.


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