Why Should You Know How to Make Your Own Badge

Lots of organizations use badges for quick recognition and identification of the institute and person. The development in the technology has introduction electronic identification methods, but traditional badges are still in demand. Traditional badges are easy to make, inexpensive, easy to read and simple to identify. These badges give some sort of satisfaction the wearer, therefore, lots of organization has different badges for different ranks. Even in schools, they offer badges to recognize the efforts of kids in different fields.

Make your Kids Feel Special

You can make your kids proud by awarding them different badges for their achievements. There are lots of badges available in the market, but most of them are usually related to sports, military, comic heroes and cartoons. If you award these badges to your kids then they will mean not much to them because they would know that they could get them from the market. To make them really feel special and accomplished, you should make your own badge. It is not very difficult to make them. You can make a simple badge with using any expensive things. To make a perfect badge all, you require is a software tool like coral draw or Photoshop to draw the right design. You can design the badges even with ordinary skills of using these software tools.

Total Customization

You should also know how to make batches because it is the best way to get 100% customized batches. There are lots of physical and online stores out there who are selling wide variety of batches and monograms but it is not necessary that you will find your desired design. It is easy to get the customized batches if you need lots of them but if you want to get small number of customized batches then it will be expensive to order them. Moreover it is a fun activity to do. If you are a parent then you should also teach this skill to your children. If you teach your kids to make batches then it will increase their creativity and you will be able to pass quality time with them. If you are good in batch making then you can also make them for others. It is a nice way to earn some extra money. There are lots of online store that offer a facility to sell homemade product online at reasonable price. You will even not required to make a personal website or blog.

Work On the Idea

The main purpose of any badge is the recognition of effort or identification of the person. It means you badge should represent the achievement of the person for whom you are creating the badge. To do this, you have to put some time to develop the right idea. For example, if you want to give a badge to your kids for his performance in any sport then you must use any aspect of that sport the badge. It does not mean that you have to create very sophisticated badge because the complex designs are hard to create and they cost too much. If you are not good in computer tools then you can sketch the design on a piece of paper then hire someone to draw it on the software. There are some software like coral draw that can help you to make designs by yourself.

After completion of design send it to any badge making company. They will make the badge for you, but the problem with these companies is that they don’t take the order of a small number of badges. To create the badge at home, you can use the old plastic badges. Remove the design on them using any strong cleaning agent but make sure to use it carefully. Use a thin brush for painting your design on the badge. In this case, he quality of badge will depend on you painting skills. If you are good in design or painting the badges then you can also utilize this technique for earning some extra cash during your free hours. So, you should know make your own badge as it is simple and you can use these skills to earn respect, love and some cash too.  


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