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Custom patches are an extended version of Embroided patchwork. If it is said, this is a slighter modification of Embroided one, it would not be useless. For many purposes, Embroided patches are designed but main is obviously home and dress décor. To meet the standards of an organization or show of the style statement, custom patches are designed. With the recent technological development, custom patch market has become versatile. Here some custom patches online are being discussed that upon usage not only add style but also put high impact.

Custom patches are available in the huge variety that can be ordered. Each category and design ensures high quality and unique representation. Custom artwork varies in variety. These cope with fashion, quality, style and customer specifications. Whole designs are designed keeping in view the desired requirements. Many uniforms of police and Special Forces contains custom patches over their logos are engraved. These are supposed to be stay in harsh weather conditions. This is becoming an increasing business due to its wide usage. Patches are used over many clothes jackets, shirts, hats, caps, and for many embellishments. Decoration is made on the wall hangings and other articles of home décor.

Patch options include many designs; those that are woven patch, Embroided on other fabric, plastic ones, and stitched with a number of ways. Some stick with iron on backing, upon sewing, and with Merrow edges. Custom patches online available all of some following types; animals, college, sports, multiple organizations, skull, airplane, airsoft, fire, security, police, top/bottom rocker, flag, motorbiker, church, and navy.

Patch designs are mainly designed in line with the company themes. If these are purely for defensive purpose, there would be representation of defensive items in the logo over the patch. Multiple combinations are used and different textile is used in it. With dark color in the base, light Embroided pattern is used. To highlight the logo, dark colors of threads are used.

Woven patches are among the best ones because of its fine appearance and adding delicacy nature. For these patches, fine lettering is essential. Their size varies up to 7 inches. Logos are usually designed in many special characters. These may be in English, French, Latin and Greek. Multiple combinations are used and different textile is used in it. With dark color in the base, light Embroided pattern is used. To highlight the logo, dark colors of threads are used.

Custom Embroided patches are designed with every type of color, design, fabric, and size. Back style and border design should be mentioned by the customer. Customization of designs is easy in sew on, iron on, and Velcro on. Embroided patches available online are with complete guidelines i.e. how to make them use your accessories. For instance, if some patch you are going to place on your pant, bag, book, and shoes etc. first clean the area and heat the iron. Put it over the surface and press the sticky border of patches, because some patches are heat sealed and adhesive can be easily placed in above mentioned way.

Embroided patches are elegant and enhance the beauty of a cloth. Patches are adhesive from back side to quickly attach with the base. Base is modified according to the rotational use of backings. Heat transfer backing is used that are convenient to apply on a dress with the use of iron.

Customs patches online include a variety of almost every category of the day to day matters. For instance, take a general sector police. Police custom patches reveal true pattern of the department, as every police department and different regions of police have its own history and story. Such patches designed to portray a true bravery and safety picture.

Graphic designers can make the design of patches including logos for many organizations, if particularly some characters are in accordance to the nature of work are designed for patches. Some color combination of patches famous online are, white on black, brown on tan, gray on black, and dark green on black. This is done to keep the focus primarily on the slogan text.  For customization in colors, border colors, text colors and background colors are selected carefully. Camo pattern, silver, gold and brown background is used mainly.


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