How to Iron On Monogram Letters on All Kinds of Fabrics

Iron on monogram letters come very handy to mark clothes in a stylish ways. People also use them to customize their wearable to make them more stylish and unique. It seems easy to iron some letters on a piece of fabric, but it is not that easy. A slightly wrong tilt of any letter can ruin your clothes because it is not easy to remove the iron on letters with damaging the fabric. There are lots of small things that you must keep in mind to iron on monograms; some of those tips are listed here to make your job easy.

Utilize Tailor’s Chalk

First of all, wash the cloth on which you want to stick your monogram. Dust particles on the surface of the fabric can disturb the adhesive power of monograms. There are lots of different and complicated styles of monograms letters which make them very hard to set on the fabric. Before ironing the monograms make sure that you have adjusted them in right directions. You should use tailor’s chalk for this purpose. These chalks are very useful for temporary marking on almost all kinds of fabrics and they are also easily available. If you are unable to find these tailor’s chalks then you can also use a piece of soap for marking. The main point is to align all the letters on proper places. draw a box on the fabric in which you want to stick the letters. After that place the letters in the box and check the alignment of the letters. If you feel that all letters are aligned in a proper way then mark their positions so that you can easily align them during ironing.

Sleek Ironing

It is recommended to shower few drops of water on the selected area but don’t use too much water because it does not allow the iron on monogram letters to stick effectively. Initially keep the iron on a low level and then gradually increase the heat level. It is better to iron the monograms for a bit longer as it will increase the life on the monogram. After ironing them from front, flip the fabric and iron it from the backside. Some monogram letters are very sensitive to heat and ironing them can smolder their fabric, in this case it will be better if you avoid front side ironing. Iron the front side just to make sure that monogram letters do not move, after that iron the fabric from back side.

Sew the Edges

Ironing can stick the letters to the fabric but it does not ensure the long life of the monogram. If the monogram is of high quality and you have ironed it properly then it will stick to the fabric for a long time otherwise its edges with get loose after few washes. To further increase the life of monograms sew the edges with very a thing thread. Sewing of the monogram letters is a tricky task because sewing machines may not work to do this task. Some letters are very curvilinear which makes it very hard to sew letters. You can’t do it unless you are expert tailor. You can use your hands for stitching the monogram letters. Use the matching colors because it will not affect the attractiveness on monogram letters. After sewing the letter, the cloth will be ready to use. If you follow this technique of ironing on the letters then you will be able to use that cloth for a long time.

All these small tips can save you lots of time, effort and money. Ironing on monogram letters is tricky but these tips can make it super easy for you. You can buy these monogram letters from different online stores but make sure to compare the prices before making the purchase. The rate of the complete set of all alphabets is lower than the sum of individual letters, therefore, you should but the whole set of alphabets. You can gift unused letters to your friends or save them for yourself as it is good to have a collection of these monograms especially when you have the bunch of kids.


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