All you need to know about Hand Embroidery Designs

hand embroidery designs

All you need to know about Hand Embroidery Designs

You must have heard of writer’s block or even an artist’s block but have you ever heard about embroidery block too? No? Well now you do because there is a thing called embroidery block that occurs when the embroiderer is short of designs or cannot come up with new unique and intricate designs for his/ her handy work. Embroidery, whether done by machine or by hand, is one of the most intricate forms of work done by a thread and a needle. However, the embroidery done by machine is not as enjoyable work as compared to the one done by the hand. Hand embroidery might appear very hard and intricate to a novice but in reality if you could just get the basic concept of hand embroidery and how to maneuver them to make crafty designs you will see that it is quite fun and simple process and with some practice you could make neat designs too. Hand embroidery has many kinds, stitches and knots with the help of which the embroiderer makes intricate designs that have various forms of hand embroidery in it that only professionals can catch.

Basic Forms of Hand Embroidery

There are four basic forms of embroidery done by hand that novicesshould learn when they start the process of mastering this form of craft. Satin stitch, back stitch, split stitch and French knot is one of the most famous and commonly known forms of stitches that novices use to make their designs. These stitches are easy to use and apply to almost any kind of embroidery done by hand. The main reason for making amateurs learn these stitches and knots are to make their hands more practiced and flexible to the form of work. It gives them the impulse to work with hand embroidery that is similar to coding a voluntary action in the brain. This makes the work of embroiderer neater and also makes the stitch work more prominent.

Designs for Hand Embroidery

Since there are many kinds of styles that one could apply when it comes to hand embroidery, it is hard for a person to choose the right kind of design that will go along with the kind of embroidery you want to use. For this purpose hand embroidery designs are available on the internet. These designs are available in any form of hand embroidery form like Brazilian, Canvas, Colbert, Chicken Scratch, crazy quilting and cut work etc. The choice of designs available on the internet is infinite. They range from birthday gift designs to expensive dress designs and designer bed set and quits designs too for children and adults as well. Embroidery could be applied to almost every kind of material and any kind of design you want but the trick here is that you need to have a very clear cut idea about what it is that you truly want. Embroidery designs are something created from the sheer depth of imagination and sometimes unfortunately this depth of imagination could become out of reach for the even embroiderer. This could not only pose as a threat for a successful business owner of hand embroidery but could be the cause of great frustration for embroiderer since they could not conjure up the image that is just out of the boundary of their imagination. This is where online designs for hand embroidery come in to help people with such block in their imaginative and creative streak.

How to get back to the Depth of you Artistic and Crafty Streak

There are different ways in which one can overcome the block that sometimes appear in the embroiderer’s mind. One of the best ways to do it is through the help of various hand embroidery designs that are available in catalogues on the internet and hand embroidery tutorials that are found online. This allows the mind of embroiderer to conjure up images that are in their minds and to improvise in them as they please. They don’t necessarily need to change the design but if you want it to have a touch of your own imagination and typical style then you can alter the design you choose according to you own will. This not only allows you to work out your embroiderer’s block but also helps you in making something different, unique and impressive all on your own.


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