Tips To Buy and Make Dimensions Cross Stitch Kits

People have got tired with modern fashion dresses and they want to try something traditional. The history of civilizations is very old therefore there are lots of traditional dresses that you can wear but only a few of them can be blended easily with modern fashion. Dresses with cross stitch embroidery are one of them. Cross stitching is very popular is almost every part of the world and new technology has given this art more dimension. Besides clothes, there are lots of other things that are available with unique cross stitch patterns. Some of those things are socks, handkerchief, curtains, gift covers, gloves, caps, etc. You can use these dimensions cross stitch products to make your loved ones feel special. You can buy special kits for this purpose. Lots of online stores are selling these kits and here is the guide to get those kits.

Set Your Priorities

The price of every kit varies with the size, number, and nature of the product. The number of kits available market is so high that it will take you hours to select the right offer and some of you may not be able to select one. First of all, make a list of priorities. It will make your search very easy. If you want to buy a gift kit for a kid then directly go the kids section. Looking at the stitch design in other sections will waste your time. You can get a pair of socks with average looking design in 10 dollars. It may look slightly expensive, but the cross stitching is very difficult art. It requires very skill workers. In modern industries very sophisticated computer programs and machines are used for this purpose. The price of high-quality cross stitch pair of the socks can go to 25 dollars. Here the pair of sock is used just for reference so that you can get the idea of prices. It is always recommended to compare the prices on different online stores. During Christmas and other such events, you can also get some extra discount and you may get cross stitch product of 25 dollars in just 20 dollars.

Do it at Home

The prices of cross stitch kits are very high so is their quality and attractiveness. If don’t have enough budget to get kids with a complicated pattern and you want to give cross stitch products to several kids then it is better to make simple designs by yourself. To do this, you have to get the pair of socks, gloves or anything like that to make the pattern. You should know about different sizes of needles to make the perfect dimensions cross stitch pattern. The needle size for cross stitching varies from size 18 to size 28. With the size 18 needle, you can make the pattern of 6 count fabric. With bigger size needle, you can use higher count fabric. Size 20 is good for 8 count fabric, size 22 is for 11 count fabric, size 24 is for 14 count fabric, size 26 is for 16 count fabric and size 28 is for 18 count fabric. These counts are for the Aida fabric which is commonly used for cross stitching, for other fabrics this count will be different.

It is important to select right fabric and needle size otherwise your pattern will look rough. It requires some skills to make the pattern, but it is not very hard to learn those skills. Some video tutorials and practice can make you enough skillful to make nice patterns for your kids. Moreover the feel you get by stitching the pattern by yourself is way better than just ordering a product from the market. So, you can make your own dimensions cross stitch but if you are busy then you can always order them from online stores as now you know the right prices for this stuff too. Buying a kit of needles is a one-time investment to get unlimited patterns for your kids. With the passage of time, you will get more experience and it is possible that one day you can make complex designs with multiple colors on your own.


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