How to Make Embroided Patches: certain stylish ideas

Embroidery is the traditional artifact. It has its deep rooted in prehistoric times when people used to utilize some cornered or pointed elements to pierce a canvas or fabric. The idea was floated frequently in Egypt and china where many items were decorated with embroidery patches. Patches are of many kinds i.e. simple, custom and Embroided. Home accessories i.e. wall hangings, mirror covers, doilies, quilts and on dresses were usually embellished with embroidery patches. When there was great depression era, this work became more famous in certain regions; mainly because of poor economic conditions people utilized their worn clothes in making such kind of patches.

Patchwork is a quality work and prone to resist against harsh climate. Many uniforms of police and Special Forces contains custom patches over their logos are engraved. These are supposed to be stay in harsh weather conditions. This is becoming an increasing business due to its wide usage. Patches are used over many clothes jackets, shirts, hats, caps, and for many embellishments. Decoration is made on the wall hangings and other articles of home décor. Patch designs are mainly designed in line with the company themes. If these are purely for defensive purpose, there would be representation of defensive items in the logo over the patch. Multiple combinations are used and different textile is used in it. With dark color in the base, light Embroided pattern is used. To highlight the logo, dark colors of threads are used.

Embroided patches are elegant and enhance the beauty of a cloth. Patches are adhesive from back side to quickly attach with the base. Base is modified according to the rotational use of backings. Heat transfer backing is used that are convenient to apply on a dress with the use of iron.

Patches were also made on the quilts designed for troops. This was one of the two purpose serving; warmth and protection in a colder climate. With the advent of technology, this hand art has been shifted towards computerized machines. Embroidery on patches is done by needle and threads, but this hand practice takes a lot of time. To make Embroided patch, over some patch, embroidery is done. This may be of many kinds; floral, logos, nature, to show identity, strength, and recognition in case of the army and special services patch making. Once the path is done final, it can be sewed to the main fabric in many ways. These include iron, pasting, using Velcro, and adhesive techniques.

Patch fabric:

For embroidery purpose, certain kind of patches is used. Different fabric strips are employed for making Embroided patch. Fabric includes cotton, leather, chiffon etc. depend upon the nature of design. Hand embroidery on patches was done until Embroidery machines came into being. These computerized machines with powerful looms are much efficient that can design thousands of Embroided patches with limited time. This mass production opened up the ways of market industry and so the business became much popular in taking recognition of several institutions.

Variety in Embroided patches:

Embroided Patches are becoming popular in Govt. organizations. For making logos and identity for ranking etc. These are frequently used. To represent a special position, job or any specialized unit patches fit well. Some other kind of items for Embroided patches are discussed here i.e. traveler Embroided patch, thick thighs saves lives, face spirited away patch, cool feminism, good things come for those who wait, Riots not diets, eye iron patch, Retro Alien Patch, size label tags, iron on patch, and astronaut appliqué.

The theme is used as according as the title of the patch is. For instance, if it is traveler Embroided patch; its size would be 3.5 to 4 inches, having merrowed borders, with a sky night background and iron backing.

In the case of funny and cationic patches, flowery background, bright colors are used with cartoons. Patches iron on appliqué with face mask are used for creating a distinct and unique impression. These are simply iron on patches any garment. These patches are more than a fun and can be out to t-shirts, hats, bags, jackets, scrapbooks, etc. moreover, quality of automotive digitize designs is much high and amazing. 


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