The Famous Free Printable Cross Stitch Patterns

Cross stitch is embroidery that has been famous from ancient times. This is of its own kind of artwork that is much famous among woman. In old days, women used to make beautiful crafts during their leisure time. It is, therefore, became a profession for many people. This artwork is done on specific fabric. The fabric which has the equal number of threads or is of same spacing, this help in counting the threads while making work with the needle.

 Cross stitch essentials:

Perfect fabric for this art is Aida and linen. Any type of linen can be used for making cross stitch pattern. Aida fabric has different variety and style. For instance 6 count Aida fabric has the same number of cross stitches per count, and 8 count fabric will be having 8 cross stitches per inch. Count usage ensures the size of your finished project. For example, 6.25 x 5 inches piece work will result if we use 8 counts Aida cloth.

Embroidery floss used for cross stitch comes in different sizes and packing. The 4-inch embroidery hoop is good enough. Embroidery needle should be 22 or 24.

As the trend became common in youngsters, readymade variety jumped to market. To facilitate the kids kits are available that contains all the necessary equipment for cross stitch. Many forms of free printable cross stitch patterns are available on many websites. Online learning and courses are much helpful in training. Tutorials aid in the ease of function.

Cross stitch patterns are made by using frames. Grid is essential to understand. Stitch type and elements are used to understand the grid pattern. There is a pattern key that shows cross stitch pattern by representing the numbers, colors, stitches and symbols used on it. Graphs, schemes, and chart are used interchangeably for the cross stitch pattern.

Variety of patterns:

Many free printable cross stitch patterns are available that are pretty good and charming. Many elements joined to form a cross stitch pattern. Tiny squares form a grid on this pattern. This tiny square is the square of Aida fabric. The main reading key on the cross stitch pattern is grid lines. To read the pattern more effectively, lines will be darker. Stitches are counted and keep the place in an easy way is essential to deal with the pattern. Grid lines can be marked with the pen to highlight them, ink, however, is water soluble.

Free cross stitch patterns are in many designs, from household décor to office accessories. In the home, many items i.e. tablecloth, mirror cloth, doilies, decoration for dresses and on different fabrics, Cross stitch patterns are used. These are also termed as charts. Charts on many occasions are designed and people use them in every occasion. According to the event, the design of pattern can be changed. If it is baby’s room accessory, it would be in bright colors, cartoon styles, animals, birds, and soft colors.

For Christmas, more decorated patterns are used. Different Santa clause patterns are very common. A pattern on which Christmas tree is designed is also popular. For wedding purpose, many styles of patterns are designed. Heart shapes, red roses, blossoming flowers, border, edges, love lasts and freedom are some main categories of free printable cross stitch patterns.

Free alphabets are very famous in cross stitch patterns. These can be personalized according to the nature of an event. This attribute makes them more special and necessary in using the patterns. Some of the free alphabets are available in the designs: Halloween, elongated, alphabets123, cotton candy, freedom, dog tags, flourishes, addicted, in my heart, candy care, floral, curly Q’s, holy and thanksgiving.

Many tutorials on backstitch, Three-quarter, daisy stitch, French knot, over 2 threads, straight stitch, metallic floss, join slides and memory threads are available.

Rose is celebrated on printable cross stitch patterns mainly for its fragrance and beauty. It is designed for special occasion patterns like wedding, birth, Christmas and friendship. For snow season, snowman patterns, birds’ pattern, and icebergs are famous.

Baby’s favorite toys patterns are in attractive styles. It is the inspiration for baby and enhances their senses. These are available in multiple designs with interesting looks. These toys mimic the toys children play with and resemble their shapes and bright colors. 


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