Find Out All about What do Christian Believe

about What do Christian believe

Find Out All about What do Christian Believe

Christianity is one of the largest monotheist religions in the whole world. This religion is divided into many sects depending on the teachings, gospels, schools of thought and priests that lead them. However, there are some key beliefs that are common to all Christians in general and these are beliefis the Holy trinity, Jesus, God and justification of Faith and the Saints.

There are two major types of churches. One is the Catholic Church which is further subdivided into Orthodox Church and the other one is Roman Catholic Church. Both these churches have different forms of teachings based on the century they follow and the monarchs of that century but both of these churches and the Christians that do follow them teach them the same religious beliefs regardless of their disputes and disagreements over minor matters of the religion. Their beliefs are unquestionable but some sects of Christianity are now questioning the content of the different versions of Bible based on their religious interpretations and the historical aspect.

Belief in Jesus:

According to popular Christian belief, Jesus is the direct descendent of God and he was also the first human being who was also a full God. He was also the only Human being who was born to Mary. Jesus sacrificed himself for the redemption of the sins of his followers so it is a cardinal belief to have faith in him and if Christians want to get salvation then they need to accept that Jesus dies for them and their sin. Christians believe that the only way to salvation is not by have a particular do and don’t system but to practice the religion of God and to walk a close line with God.

Believe in Holy Trinity

Holy Trinity is a religious belief of Christian religion that revolves around the idea of God as a father, son and the Holy Spirit. When you ask a person belonging to Christian faith that what do Christian believe? They would say that they believe in the Holy Trinity. It is a religious concept in which they say that God came into this world in the form of a human man Jesus Christ and when we follow him we are following the Holy Spirit. Some people reject this idea of Holy Trinity and they are hence added to Anti-Christ religious school of thought. Some Anti-Christ’s school of thought propagate the idea that holy trinity is basically an idea of Three gods that Christian believe in.

Justification of Faith

The justification of Faith is a religious belief of every Christian family that Jesus was the son of God and he died for the resurrection of us humans so that God could forgive them. This shows that humans have the forgiveness of god but for their salvation they have to keep their path opposite to that of sin.

Life after Death

In every religion there is a concept of life after death and Christianity is no different. When you ask them, what do they believe in; there answer is quite simple that out life on earth is temporary and when we perish, our souls move on to another life which is better than this one. They say that we can see the aspects of this life in our human life by many Spiritual experiences.

The Concept of Saints and Father or Pope

Christians believe that there is one God and you should call him Father because he is the one who is responsible for your redemption and not damnation. Saints are people who have very religious attributes. They live their life according to the rules given by their God. Their life is simple and they avoid sins at all costs. It is also claimed that after their death miracles and wonders happen to the land where they lived or the land where they worshiped their God. Saints have to go through the process of Canonization in Roman Catholic and Orthodox Churches before they are given the title of Sainthood because it is a very sacred title and not meant for everyone. Christians believe thatSaints can communicate with God on behalf of the humans alive today. While some have faith in its truth; there are those who follow the Protestant Churches and reject this idea completely. 


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