Things to Know about Free Embroidery Fonts

free embroidery fonts

Things to know about free embroidery fonts

Machine embroidery is now used to add text to the design to make it more innovative and interesting. Some people might say that embroidering text is not worth all the extra effort. However, that is not always true. Embroidered text can be created using digitizing programs. You no longer have to place each letter separately as these programs allow you to type text. If you’re not sure how to invest in a digitizing program, you can try one of the free digitizing software tools to get the basics down.

What is BX font?

There are different types of free embroidery fonts and BX font is the most popular one. More and more people want to try the BX font and it is now available with most machines as a standard font that is present in the machine’s built-in repository. These are basic keyboard fonts that can be imported to all kinds of design programs in different styles and colors. They are very similar to the ones that people use while texting, sending emails and social networking.

Why is BX font so popular?

The reason behind the immense popularity is that you just need to select the font library and go through it to pick any one font. The software does the rest of the work by arranging the text automatically. You can select the color of the thread, design orientation, space and size as well.

Most fonts have an average of 50 different files for both the upper and lower case of alphabets. There are many online tools that can teach you to save time on importing font libraries by simple copy, paste jobs for repetitive alphabets. Also, you can learn some handy keyboard shortcuts.

When a program copies text, it creates its digital image which means that the machine shall pick the letters individually one at a time. Now, the letters need to be placed along the same line with proper spacing. For example, if your embroidery hoop has eight objects than each of them will require a separate color stop and you need to sort it out before the stitches are made. Otherwise, there will be haphazard thread start and stop on the embroidery trail.

Now this can get really messy and complicated especially if you’re working with longer length of text. Sorting these things out can be a nightmare so what you need is a compact and simpler solution in the form of automated embroidery software.

There are many digitizers that work well with BX Fonts such as:

* Appliqué
* JuJu Designs
* DigiStitches
* Cute Embroidery

These are only a few to name. You can try many others and stick to the one that suits your requirements best.

Third Party Embroidery Fonts

Free embroidery fonts are also used to make monograms for uniforms and T-shirts. There are many popular third party fonts from which the users can select to create their design. Third party fonts are include all those fonts that you might have to purchase online or install autonomously and are not the part of your machine’s standard repository.

It is important to note here that the machine fonts are almost always rescalable which means you can change the size to make it appropriate for your project easily. You might be thinking of why you should go to all that hassle of acquiring third party fonts? The answer is pretty simple- you want to get a unique and beautiful font that is not found so commonly in all machines. Most built-in fonts are pretty basic and cannot be used to create elaborate and fancy strings of alphabets. So it is recommended to not waste time searching through the embroidery machine’s inventory and look into online stores that offer third party fonts. There are many elegant and well digitized fonts that can be purchased over the internet.

Third party fonts work the same way as standard fonts do. Each letter is accompanied by a certain number of files. These files are the variations of the font design in upper and lower case. Also, the embroidery editing software can be used to join the letters easily. For ideal design results, you must ensure that the text fits inside the hoop. For larger text and letters, some technique and finesse is required and once you’ve mastered the art, you can embroider a lot more than just monograms and go for abstract design with more colors as well. 


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